Hanoi Beer 1890 – Crystallization of 130 years of history “Preserving the quintessence – Raising the position”

Referring to Hanoi culture, in addition to the elegance and magnificence of the Hanoi people with a thousand-year history of culture, people again mention cuisine, and it is impossible not to mention Hanoi Beer – a symbol of image Bold culture of the Capital.


As one of the countries with the third largest beer production industry in Asia, few people know that Vietnam’s beer production industry has gone hand in hand with Hanoi – the heart of the country. Soon. The predecessor of Hanoi Beer – Wine – Beverage Company (HABECO) today is a brewery built in 1890. The first Hanoi beer bottles were born, carrying the pride of a brand. hundred years old, a Vietnamese-owned brand.

Over time, enjoying Hanoi beer has become a cultural beauty. Beer “conductor” connects each person of Vietnam to become closer together, loving the country and the nation. Along with the increasing life, with the interference of modern Vietnam and rich traditional identity, Hanoi Beer gradually transformed to “catch waves” with new trends. However, the beautiful cultural values ​​are always kept and cherished by Hanoi Beer so that the Vietnamese beer brand is elevated.

Inheriting the 130-year historical quintessence of Hanoi Beer, this year, Hanoi Beer 1890’s 330ml bottle of beer was officially introduced to the market to meet the needs of consumers. With the slim design of 330ml bottle, enjoyers can both feel the passionate traditional yeast and glimpse the sophisticated modern modern features.

For every sip of beer you enjoy, you are sipping a culture of Hanoi after more than a century. Still a traditional beer with a smooth layer of foam, but now this drink will bring in the cultural values ​​of the nation and the mission of introducing that culture to friends of the five continents, always accompanying with development history of Vietnam!

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