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For a long time, when talking about delicious draft beer, people immediately think of Czech beer lines of the Czech Republic also known as Czechoslovakia, a country in Central Europe, which is considered the cradle of the art of brewing beer. Cheb is a city with a long history of brewing traditional beer in Czechoslovakia over 700 years old. The first beer produced in Cheb was in July 1320 and was fermented and cooked by Mr. Albrecht Kornbuchler, the brewer at Castle Street. There is another source saying that the first batch of beer was born in 1352.

Cheb Beer uses only the raw materials produced and cultivated in Czechoslovakia to produce two types of golden beer and stout. Gold Cheb beer uses authentic malt ingredients in the northwest highlands bordering Germany, is allowed to germinate for 3 days before being dried with coke, soaked, fermented and from here golden beer The most popular gold in Czechoslovakia was present in Vietnam. Cheb Beer is refined from the original black malt in the southwestern plain of Czechoslovakia bordering Austria. Cheb Beer uses black malt called porter or roasted black malt called stout to create a special flavor that no other beer has.

Cheb beer Czechoslovak beer is produced on modern technology lines, raw materials imported 100% from Czechoslovakia. Beer was born under the talented hands of a leading brewing expert from Czechs who directly participated in the brewing process – Jiří Dymáček.

Because draft beer is a beer that has not been sterilized, fresh cheb beer is delicious, cold drink, preserved from 2 -5 degrees, yeast still works and is especially good for health such as reducing the risk of kidney stones, room

Anti-cancer, high blood pressure, cataract prevention … If you want to nourish your skin, hair care and beauty with beer, draft beer is also an extremely ideal choice.

Tiep Cheb beer beer is now widely available in Hanoi such as Tiep Beer restaurant, Bar Club, Beer Club. In particular, beer was also present in some northern provinces such as Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen. And of course, it is impossible not to mention Ho Chi Minh City when it comes to the South.

Usually Czech beer restaurants and draft beer restaurants will sell Cheb beer by cup / glass. Besides, for the convenience of buyers, Cheb also sells 2 liter kegs of beer.

Development history


Năm 1320

The brewing history of the city of Cheb records Albrecht Kornbuchler brewing the first Cheb Beer in July 1320 at Street Castle.


Năm 2012


Năm 2014

The unexpected meeting between Mr. Jirí Dymácek and the President and CEO of IDI Group in Czech city brought the Chairman to the decision to cooperate in transferring technology of Cheb beer brand to Vietnam.


Năm 2015

Completing the signing of a contract to transfer production technology of Cheeb beer brand to IDI Group's brewery in Vietnam in February 2015.


Năm 2015

In October 2015, it was successfully produced for the first time at IDI Group's beer house.

The first product is Golden Beer, packed with 2 liters of Keg.


Năm 2016

October, completing the beer brewing process. Cheb beer packaging and production on modern European lines.

330ml beer tanks, packed with 24 cans / barrel.


Năm 2017

Chebbeer brand press conference to officially commercialize in february 2017. 

First batch of beer with test order over 3,000 cases


Năm 2019

Produce and pack additional products of 12 330ml cans / carton in In October 2019.


Năm 2020

Reached 30,000 barrels in February 2019, is expected to grow to 50,000 barrels by the end of 2020

Achievements, Certifications

3rd place
Category: Mini Brewery

Cheb Brewery
Jiří Dymáček

Assocation of Beer Friends

In Vyškov, November 11th, 2003

Beer Seal
Category: Dark Draught Beer

Cheb Dark Beer

Expert Committee
Under the group Coop is awarding for good quality domestic food product
Česká Chuťovka 2012
For the product Dark Beer 13°
Category: Beer, Wine, Alcoholic Beverages
To the company: Cheb Brewery

In Prague, October 18th, 2012

5th season
Award of Czech Brewers 2014
In the Brewer’s Courtyard
Category: Dark Beer
1st place
Cheb‘s Dark Beer

Association of Czech-Moravian MiniBreweries 
March 22nd, 2014.